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Virtualization uses software to simulate the existence of hardware and create virtual IT systems, allowing companies to run multiple virtual machines and multiple operating systems and applications on a single server. In this way, economies of scale and greater efficiency are guaranteed.

Virtualization makes it possible to increase IT agility, flexibility and scalability, reducing capital and operating costs through faster distribution of workloads, improved performance and availability of resources, and through automation of operations.

Hyperconvergence - Clustering starting from 3 nodes

Hyperconvergence eliminates traditional IT management problems by grouping data center services, such as servers, storage and network to manage them with a single application, so as to be able to orchestrate a complex infrastructure in an optimal way, accelerate the loads of virtualized work, reducing its complexity, improving its operational efficiency and reducing costs.

Aware of this, we implement hyperconvergence systems.

Security - Zfs, Ceph file systems

We implement specific architectures tailored to the needs of each one, to guarantee our programmers and our customers a very high level of security using file systems such as ZFS and Ceph, known for their features and for the integration of different concepts taken from various file systems in a single product.

Thanks to them, it is possible to reconstruct or prevent data loss, both in stand-alone systems (thanks to virtualization) and in two-server systems (with planned asynchronous replication and an appliance integrated into the system with management and monitoring functions) and in clusters (where data security is guaranteed by a quorum node).


To improve system performance, be proactive and prevent failures or bugs, Enterprise OSS creates monitoring systems that use transversal metrics (data and parameters), able to be viewed via the web with https protocol, without therefore using others software, but simply using a dashboard, or an email alerting system.

Both services are highly customizable according to different needs.

Monitoring becomes an extremely effective service combined with the Enterprise OSS support subscription, with which it is possible to have a help desk where technicians and programmers are always available.

Disaster Recovery

“Backup” means the duplication of a file or a set of data on a medium external to the computer to have another copy. The “Disaster Recovery” concept, on the other hand, concerns the set of technological and logistical measures aimed at restoring systems, data and infrastructures necessary for the provision of business services for companies, associations or entities.

There is no secure virtualization, therefore, without backups that guarantee Disaster Recovery, for this reason we prepare backups of machines and data outside the IT infrastructure. Whatever your configuration, therefore, it is in our interest to safeguard data and security, for this reason we suggest our customers to save their critical data on our DataCenter.
Enterprise OSS provides Proxmox Certified assistance through ITServicenet and Corsinvest

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