Enterprise OSS why?

Enterprise OSS arises from a strong need, a need that every IT manager has had at least once in his life.

It’s about the desire to use free open source software, make them your own, put them into production and have the pleasant feeling that everything is under control, that someone is looking over your shoulder, that a reliable figure whispers in our ear what to do if there is a bug.

But the spark from which this project was born is the same that ignited the open spirit in us more than 20 years ago, it is the awareness that free software has an edge. And we want to give everyone the certainty that their open source solution is considered reliable, at least as much as any other, more commercial.


The Free Open Source Software at the top of our values

The value of the Legal Aspect

I have been dealing with the legal aspects of software for a long time, from development to sale.

I believe it is not possible to work with software products – at any level of the supply chain – and not to be familiar with or at least having a basic knowledge of FOSS, Free Open Source Software.

Unfortunately, however, this is not the case in practice. On the one hand, I come across realities that avoid using the FOSS almost regardless, for the most varied reasons, but which can be summarized in fear of poor quality or possible safety issues.

On the other hand, there are realities that make extensive use of FOSS components, but in an approximate way.

The former lose the enormous potential offered by FOSS and the latter instead run unnecessary risks. In both cases, the solution lies in better understanding and knowing of the basic rules and principles of FOSS.

According to my very personal statistics, 85% of developers (including those who are enthusiastic about using FOSS libraries in their code) have never read a FOSS license. Of the remaining 15%, most of them attempted to read only the MIT and / or BSD licenses… that is, the easy and few lines ones.

Sometimes people or awareness needed to explain and apply the rules about licenses are missing.
I participate in Enterprise OSS to help bridge this gap and promote the use of FOSS – a correct use – within both business and private realities.


The value of effective communication

We are in the information age.

Someone describes this era like this:
we are bombarded from morning to night with images, posts, video and audio content of all kinds, everyone has the opportunity to say their opion, whatever it is hidden behind a nickname.

Social media stole our lives thanks to that hellish tool: the smartphone.

Privacy no longer exists, we are unconscious slaves in a prison without bars, without smell .. (Taken freely from “Matrix”)

Someone instead describes it like this:
we are in the most extraordinary era ever. Today, any person can have access to much more information than an emperor of the past could have dreamed of, simply through a smartphone.


With social media we can communicate with the whole world in a flash, we can share ideas and projects by working together remotely.

Thanks to technology and information, we have unimaginable potential that makes us increasingly free to create universes parallel to reality, no less real than reality itself. (Taken freely from “Homo Deus – Yuval Noah Harari”)

So what is the right description?
The answer is that there is not a single possible or correct description for anything.

Each interlocutor is different, each category of customer, supplier or employee is different, therefore each one effectively receives information packaged for his beliefs, habits, ideas ..

Knowing how to communicate your corporate values effectively to the outside world or to internal collaborators has become fundamental to success.

CDS participates in the Enterprise OSS network of companies to offer its contribution in terms of communication. These guys really have too many interesting things to show the world to not do it effectively.


The value of a Distributed Company

For the past 20 years I have always dealt with open source applied to companies.

As an electronic engineer I have seen open source philosophy applied both to the hardware world, [first in STMicroelectronics and then to companies that worked in the television compartment in Milan, in times when the “closed” was the master], and obviously to the software world .

Today the digital world no longer exists as we conceived it 20 years ago, everything is distributed and everything is interconnected.

Our modus operandi is to see daily activity as a distributed company and therefore essentially formed by qualified partners.

As a result of professional experience both in various associations and companies, the need emerged to have a different vision, wider and with objectives that put the person at the center. Hence our concept of a distributed company.

Specifically, we deal with IT systems in industrial and highly reliable sectors and therefore professional technical assistance is our universe.

For this reason we are always looking for motivations and insights and above all comparison with experts and enthusiasts in the sector.

Our contribution to the Enterprise OSS network is clear

– ongoing support for infrastructures that provide 24-hour services
– in the design of scalable web, e-mail and cloud systems
– in professional training

In Enterprise OSS we try to improve our approach with customers, efficiency and punctuality thanks to the synergies that have been created in the last 4 years.

We are always looking for collaborators to follow our customers and offer innovative solutions in a world that is always faster

The value of creative development

For us, math, information technology and the arts are related. They are all creative expressions. (Sebastian Thrun).

It is from the 90s that the passion for Information and Communication Technology has allowed us to meet customer needs, offering software development, advanced systems and networking services.

Our mission: to mediate between the most advanced and functional IT technologies and the ever new needs of the enterprise world.

We concretize this by providing companies with services and applications also custom made, such as a suit sewn by a skilled tailor, using the best technologies on the market and implementing the most advanced solutions.
The future is not predictable and this is why we are always researching, interpreting business needs and projecting them into a realization that lasts over time.

We believe in relationships and in the relationship that is established with partners and customers, but particularly we love to make their ideas great.

Corsinvest, sharing the idea and participating in the Enterprise OSS project, launched a new horizon: investing the skills of software development and release, advanced systems and networking in the OPEN SOURCE universe, at the service of the

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