When you have invested in a new IT system it is really annoying to retrace your steps and sometimes it is not possible, isn’t it?

Enterprise OSS - Assistenza Ceph Italia
How many times have you thought that the size of the storage was more than enough, unless you realized after a year that you had not taken this or that other factor into account, most of the time not dependent on you?

For us modularity, flexibility and scalability are essential features, and we too had made mistakes, more and more times, till we adopted new solutions based on an excellent ally: Ceph.
We give Ceph support to those want an open source software defined storage solution

We are not hardware centric, we start from a minimum number of 3 nodes, more than enough to give stability to a software defined storage

We are official Ambedded and Petasan partners in Italy

With the birth of virtualization, part of these critical issues regarding the sizing of machines dedicated to computing have been overcome but the same cannot be said for storage.

In addition, we often have to deal with overwhelming licensing policies, which are not always applicable and which put us in the position of having to change all the original hardware configuration or even worse to stand, without being able to implement new software solutions or improve the performance of the existing due to lack of hardware resources.

Okay, the bad news are over. We think it is interesting to be able to maintain your systems and extend their functions by supporting them with our open solutions, we are official partners in Italy and offer Petasan and Ambedded assistance.

Yes, we are talking about Vmware, Hyper-V support with which our software defined storage integrate perfectly, giving new possibilities and bypassing the licensing issue.

With Ceph, Petasan and Ambedded solutions we can give new life to your storage, without discarding anything of your existing configuration.

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