Development and Research

Perhaps it will have happened to you, during your professional career, to try to implement a new solution. If so, you will have found a wall in front of you.
Enterprise OSS - Sviluppo e ricerca su software open source

The bricks of this obstacle were composed of

1. Not enough time – to devote to the study of the solution

2. Insecurity – in applying it in production

3. Difficulty – in the maintenance without an external support

4. Few funds – to test ideas before making them operational

5. Low confidence – on the part of the customer, the owner, the boss, in the solution itself

In Enterprise OSS we realized that this barrier could not be broken down, but a door could be built in the middle, a small door that would take us beyond the wall.

Our associates are allowed to use this door. But the first to treasure it are EOSS founders, who use it day by day to study, test and then bring new solutions for business into production
This is the entrance door to a quiet place to operate with professionalism and dedication, in order to find the best solutions for your customers or partners.

We have first implemented everything we offer to customers and partners in a test environment and often we also use it for our information systems.

All this is possible thanks to the door we have built into the wall of implementation difficulties.

You too will pass through this door and you will be welcome in the EOSS Lab: our research laboratory.

Development and research on open source software

The first result deriving from our research are tools whose code can be freely downloaded and consulted by Github

- Java API, dotnet, php to automate processes
- Autosnap tool

- BARC backup tool

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