The main fears of the system administrator, when he decides to adopt an open solution on his servers, are summarized by the following questions, which disturb his night's sleep.

Enterprise OSS
Is there any reliable partner who can give me Linux assistance?

If I discover a bug that blocks the ERP, who will assist me?

When I can’t find a solution to my problem on the support blog, who will help me?

The boss always wants a quick solution, how will I be able to wait for the assistance time of a forum?

After an update on the server, how can I be sure that everything is still working properly?

If I don’t find answers in my language?
There are definitely other questions but all of them can be satisfied by


We deal with Linux assistance in Veneto, Lombardy and northern Italy and more generally we offer twenty years of experience on open source products.

We implement these solutions in production for companies of all sizes.

We prefer direct contact with open product developers for timely assistance and constantly updated repositories.

We are ourselves open software developers for the world of ICT.


In addition, we have created a help desk in Italian language. Our ticketing system puts you in direct contact with our collaborators, with the possibility of on-site and remote intervention.

We offer training courses on various products, up to obtaining certification, reserved for Enterprise OSS partners, which can open up new business opportunities with other associates.

This and more, if you want to find out, are our answers to the questions of the IT manager who wants professional assistance for his open source solution, to go back to sleep peacefully.

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