You are brave enough to make an installation of open source software in production?

Until recently, just talking about Linux aroused different
moods ..

Enterprise OSS - Assistenza Software Open Source
The free software purist considered it the only possible solution: for “Linux” IT managers only the command line exists and it is essential to be able to know all aspects of the operating system.

For IT managers “click and go” like has always been too much effort to manipulate drivers and configuration files, better looking at commercial solutions.

Of course, there are hybrid subjects that seek the best from both

The fact is that today an installation of open source software, such as Linux, for long time considered more a philosophy than a solution, can be found everywhere, from mail servers to routers, from firewalls to desktops .. and even the most renowned players, producers of nonopen-oriented solutions have had to admit that sharing and collaboration, the basic concepts of free software, are a win win strategy
In Enterprise OSS we have been using these software every day for 20 years and we propose their professional use for the most varied needs. We are open source software assistance professionals

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